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We can Panelized any style of structures;
Condos, apartments and developments are great projects for panelizing.
The bigger the house or project; the greater the saving
Cut Costs
Decrease Liabilities
Save Time

Fabrik-International exist since early 2000 and ever since that, the quality control always been his priority all the way from design to production and with on site help by a technician and with precise and detailed assembly plans and technical drawings.
  Fabrik-International has developed a concept of panelized construction that will suit all building project; whether large or small.
  Fabrik-International panelized system or home by kit are ideal for professionals and self-contractors.
  Fabrik-International is dedicated to providing exceptional quality wood structure and the best service from start to end.
  Fabrik-international take seriously all the aspect of your project and make sure to respect all the specifications.

  Just send us a set of plans and we will prepare a quote for your next building.

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